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Global Community Investor Group

This an exclusive group formed by business angels to invest in early stage startups and SMEs. With our award-winning global community P2P investment model, you are guaranteed of earning up to 10x more interest than any savings account, being part of this group increases your chance of recieving funds to grow your business

$5 billion+

Total amount invested


Number of Members

$2 billion+


10% - 50%


Types of Members


These are a wealthy individual that want to invest in business and also connect with other wealthy angels like themselves.


Entreprenuers that are also hungry for connection are also a part of our family. You have a chance to get funded and also mix with investors. Its worth every dime!

Features & Benefits

Insider's Investments

Our members receive first hand information about great global investment opportunities across various markets

Business connect

Entreprenuers and angels connect and share ideas and business opportunities. The energy this brings is a super volcanic blast in the world of business

access to investment fund

Entreprenuer receive a wealth of investment funding to power their businesses while connecting and mixing with high net worth investors

How To Apply

To become a member, kindly contact us

  • As an investors, you must be at least 21 years old
  • As an investors, you must proof that you make atleast $100,000 per year
  • Have regular income and in full - time employment with an annual income of $100,000
  • Be a permanent resident